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Andy Portale, Vice President of Business Development

Contact Information

Phone: 262-912-6073

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Andy came to Greenwoods State Bank in 2018 with a modern approach to commercial banking. Appropriately titled, Andy serves the community as a Vice President of Business Development.

Andy’s Clients Say

Andy is a quick responder that never leaves us in the dark. His integrity and knowledge are proven through his innovative ideas for lending and managing cash flow. His enthusiastic energy is infectious and his passion for developing our business is highly motivational. The community benefits from Andy’s financial planning skills and executive leadership, as he spends his time and effort making sure we are on the right financial track.

Andy’s Hobbies and Family

Andy keeps an optimistic attitude both in and outside of the workplace. Outdoor activities like golfing and fishing keep him busy outside of the office. When he isn’t on the golf course working on his backswing, Andy spends quality time with his family and friends.

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