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Nate Salas, Senior Vice President Commercial Banking NMLS# 665259

Contact Information

Phone: 262-912-2252

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With over 13 years of experience in banking and finance, Nate fits right in with Greenwoods State Bank’s approach to banking. His expertise and purpose-driven attitude earned him his position as the Senior Vice President role in Commercial Banking, while his insightful leadership makes him the perfect fit as the director of Organization/Strategic Initiatives.

Nate’s Clients Say

Nate is always looking for ways to create the most positive impact on the community. His goal is always to keep our best interests in mind. It is always important to Nate that we accomplish our personal and professional goals, and truly has a passion for helping his clients thrive. He leads the community forward by looking past just banking and focusing on the big picture, creating a vibrant community that contains successful businesses that generate jobs and gives back.

Nate’s Hobbies and Family

Nate spends his free time volunteering with various non-profit groups and supporting his kids’ various sporting interests. He also enjoys going on family adventures, having a nice cigar with friends, and swinging a kettlebell.

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