Convert from checks to digital or ACH

Interested in what it takes to switch from paper checks to digital payments?

  • ACH Manager is a complete end-to-end transfer solution.
  • User friendly platform, that works with the major internet browsers.
  • Nothing to download or install, you simply; log-on.
  • Ability to set up dual control, and recurring ACH payments.
  • Quality control monitors files to make sure they are prepared correctly before they are sent.
  • If you currently have ACH software which creates NACHA files, these can be easily transmitted through ACH Manager for processing.

The two main reasons businesses convert from checks to digital or ACH.

Not having control over their payments.

A fraud situation occurred or they want to prevent fraud.

Are you frustrated with not having control over your payments when paying by check?

  • Paying by ACH will give you control on when your item gets deposited.
  • Eliminates lost or misplaced checks and placing stop payments.
  • Greater control over how to handle returned items.

Fraud can cost businesses thousands of dollars and thousands in labor intensive tracking.

  • ACH Block/Filter provides notifications via email on items that don’t meet your authorized activity, by dollar amount and by vendor.
  • Check Positive Pay provides notifications via email on items that don’t meet your confirmed check disbursement activity.
  • Both ACH Block/Filter and Check Positive Pay eliminate the need for a daily review of every item clearing your account.

Majority of our Treasury Management products have more than one benefit. Connect with Mallory for a complimentary assessment.

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