Card Management


Play It Safe

Debit cards offer both convenience and risk. You can make purchases as easily as using credit, but if your card falls into the wrong hands, your personal accounts are vulnerable. Now you can safeguard your information with Card Management, which is located within our Mobile Banking App. Card Management is a central hub for managing your debit cards and how they are used, viewing your transactions and staying informed. Card Management allows you to protect your debit card against fraud and theft by turning it on/off and getting real-time alerts to ensure your card is used only by you.

Budget Conscious

Overspending is easy. Now, sticking to your budget can be too. Take control of your finances with Card Management, located with in our Mobile Banking App. Card Management lets you set spending thresholds, specify merchant types and turn your card on and off. Want to spend $100 at the grocery store? Limit your spending at the shoe store? Card Management empowers you to control your debit card spending, while offering the convenience of accessing your cards in one place…our Mobile Banking App.

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