LAKE MILLS, WIS. – Greenwoods State Bank has been serving the people of Lake Mills since 1883, and will soon add a second full-service location in Lake Mills to better serve their customers.

Gundlach Properties LLC and Vogel Bros. Building Co. broke ground in the out lot of the Lake Mills Market at the very end of October. The 3,740 square foot building will face Tyranena Park Road, and will provide the same dedicated services in helping you achieve your financial dreams and goals. The construction is scheduled to conclude in May of 2019.

“The decision to add another full- service location was driven by the growth of the city in this area and add additional convenience for our customers. Lake Mills is a focal point for our Bank and this investment demonstrates our commitment to the city,” said Bill McDonald, CEO.

“The new branch office will allow us to service our customers in a more relaxed, yet professional setting that encourages conversation and problem-solving with our knowledgeable and experienced team. The new location will feature a conversation area that includes high top tables and a coffee bar which is warm and inviting, as well as an updated ATM machine that will accept deposits”, said Rob Cera, President.

Rob Cera (President), Bill McDonald (CEO), Tammy Cooper, Amanda Hoppe, Rebecca Jones, Becky Anhalt and Jeremy Cosson of Greenwoods State Bank were on hand to participate in a ceremonious turning of the dirt at the construction site.

“The excitement of opening a brand new office is unmatched in terms of opportunity to re- acquaint ourselves with everyone in the community,” said Rob Cera.


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